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पीवीसी सजावटी फिल्म कसरी लागू गर्ने र कुन चरणहरू आवश्यक छ?


तपाईंले प्राप्त गर्नु भन्दा पहिलेपीवीसी सजावटी फिल्म, you need to check the basic effect of the film position। The basic effect can be as long as the flatness meets the standard। So how to detect the flatness of the grassroots?


When testing the flatness of the pasted base layer, you can use a horizontal ruler to stick it tightly on the base layer, and then insert it with a piece of A4 paper to see if it can be taken out smoothly। If it can be taken out, it is basically uneven। In addition, use a flashlight to light it from one side to see if the light transmission effect is uniform, which can also be tested। After the flatness is reached, I look at the material problem of the base layer।


Apply primer and apply special primer on the flat base layer before sticking the film। This is very particular। First of all, remember not to over-dilute in order to save money। If you basically can't use it, you will lose even more। Then there is the polishing of the primer। Many of my friends don™ € ™t understand why it is necessary to polish after the primer is applied, because after the primer is applied, it is necessary to wait for the primer to dry। During this process, particles or glue spots will appear on the surface। Post it directly and a "pocky face" will appear। Just after the primer is dried, use a fine gauze cloth to polish it to apply the film।

 पीवीसी सजावटी फिल्म

विधि र सीपपीवीसी सजावटी फिल्म sticking film, this is also the final step। After the novice sticks the film, there will be blistering, unevenness, dead-folding and other problems। Don't panic। The teacher will tell you how to avoid this।


First, don't panic when sticking the film, first make a gesture to see if the cut film matches the pasting position। Before sticking the film, position it from one side, and then push it to the other side। Do not remove the release paper at one time। Push and remove the release paper at the same time। Every place needs to be compacted। This can avoid the occurrence of blistering, and there will be no deadlocks, and the effect will be smooth after filming। Even if there is a problem in the middle, it can be corrected in time।


After understanding these filming tips, it will help you step into the door on the road of PVC wood grain film decorative film filming। The film industry is not difficult। The difficulty is to maintain a normal attitude, not to be impatient, pay attention to details, this is the necessity of पीवीसी सजावटी फिल्म

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